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Bath & Shower Gel – Original
Bath & Shower Gel – Green Almond
Extra-Gentle Sweet Almond Shower Gel
Extra-Mild Surgras Soap – Original
Velvety Oil Soap
Almond & Rose Shower Cream
Dermo-U.H.T. Surgras Cleansing Oil
Shea Butter & Magnolia Shower Cream

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Sensitive skin : Good habits

Recognized for more than 90 years as a leader in the expert care of sensitive skin, Rogé Cavaillès offers a wide range of cleansing products for the whole family.

Whether for shower or bath, Cavaillès cleansing products make everyday skincare an enjoyable beauty treatment. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, they cleanse and protect without drying, thanks to the Surgras active ingredient present in all the formulas. Since 1924, Rogé Cavaillès has been the leading pioneer in the use of Surgras in its cleansing products as a means of arming the skin against the many irritants it encounters on a daily basis.

Surgras is an active agent that contains fatty substances and creates a protective film on the skin.

It functions as a shield against external irritants and thus gives you a real feeling of well-being and softness.

The new generation of Surgras, known as active Surgras and researched by and exclusive to Cavaillès, helps the skin repair the hydrolipidic film like never before thanks to the introduction of Surgras Olive Oil, a new and innovative active ingredient. It leaves skin feeling softer and more comfortable than ever before. And because Cavaillès is not just about effective skincare but also pleasure, its Surgras cleansing products come in a variety of textures and fragrances to make showering a really special treat for everyone.